About the Staff

In addition to the student executive board, the William & Mary Symphony Orchestra is also supported by several student staff members. The orchestra staff actively support the orchestra in both biweekly rehearsals and at all concerts. The current orchestra staff members are listed below, please contact them with any questions or concerns.

Orchestra Librarian

Julia Ashworth ’23

Julia is a junior double majoring in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies atIMG_0440[10090] - Julia Ashworth William and Mary. She has been a part of the Symphony Orchestra since her freshman year and is excited for another year of playing with this great group. Other than playing the violin, Julia enjoys painting, going on photo walks with the Photo Club, and watching movies with friends in her spare time.




Stage Managers

IMG_20210605_223320_2 - Eliza Manasas

Eliza Manasas ’25

Eliza is a freshman at William and Mary who is currently undeclared. She started playing violin when she was seven years old and is thrilled to continue playing in the Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, Eliza enjoys going for walks (and petting all the dogs!), rock climbing, watching movies, and listening to music.

image - Ben Thrower

Ben Thrower ’22

Ben is a senior who plays French Horn in orchestra and also majors in math at the college of William and Mary. He enjoys playing chess in his free time.