About the Staff

In addition to the student executive board, the William & Mary Symphony Orchestra is also supported by several student staff members. The orchestra staff actively support the orchestra in both biweekly rehearsals and at all concerts. The current orchestra staff members are listed below, please contact them with any questions or concerns.

Librarian – Alex Johnson ‘22
The orchestra librarian organizes and distributes sheet music for the orchestra, including any necessary practice copies. The orchestra librarian also manages rehearsal attendance. Please direct concerns about parts, attendance, or orchestra records to aejohnson05@email.wm.edu.

Stage Managers – Ben Ryan ‘21 and Ben Thrower ‘22
The orchestra stage managers organize and execute the symphony seating chart for both rehearsals and concerts. They also oversee concert day requirements for the orchestra such as moving percussion equipment and moving stands and chairs for guest artists. Please direct concerns about seating, physical logistics for concerts, or moving equipment to Ben Ryan at bpyran@email.wm.edu or Ben Thrower at bsthrower@email.wm.edu.